Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John Wesley - A Biography

Author Stephen Tomkins.
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN 978-0-8028-2499-8

This book follows Wesley from his childhood at Epworth rectory through his schooling and university career at Oxford to his mission to Georgia, his "conversion" in 1738, and finally his life as a religious leader in England.  Preaching in numerous villages, towns, and cities, Wesley and his followers faced intense and savage persecution, but their missions were also accompanied by extraordinary phenomena such as laughter, and healings.
The life and work of John wesley have had an enormous enfluence on modern Christianity, including his role as founding father of the Methodists.  The book examines Wesley's relationships with key people in his life, including his powerful and austere mother, Susanna, and his hymn-writing brother, Chares.  Also examined are key issues of his life, such as his renunciation of wealth, and his attitude toward women.
A good read!

Bro. Dave

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