Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Father Arseny

It's not very often I read a book in such a short time as 24 hrs.  This is a powerful book of faith conquering evil.  Imprisoned in a Soviet labour camp, the imprisoned Priest, Fr. Arseny, conquers nature, casts out demons, remits sins, reconciles sinners, heal the sick, feeds the hungry, protects the poor, comforts the afflicted, and proclaims realease to the captives and liberty to the oppressed.  Freed by faith from every human ideology, whether atheistic or religious, Fr. Arseny works the greatest of miracles by God's grace and the prayers of God's Mother.  This book tells the stories of people whose lives, often during times of unimaginable crisis, were touched and transfigured through their connection with Father Arseny.    An unbelievable story of unwavering faith in the cruelest and most hideous conditions of a Russian Labour Camp, meant to destroy the human soul and kill the person.  If you have doubts about the power of prayer, you need this book.  Bro. Dave